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Introducing DataDash App

Datadash is a secure and easy-to-use data collection platform. DataDash is a first of its kind android-based app in Bangladesh. It operates in offline mode as well. DataDash allows data collection through crowdsourcing in an organized method. It is quickly gaining momentum nationwide.

DataDash relies on its users around the country to carry out tasks timely and accurately. Tasks are converted to data that helps researchers to make good business decisions or gain useful insights for robust solutions for business problems.

DataDash is the only app in Bangladesh that pays its users for survey-based tasks, completed successfully. The whole user experience is through the app, which can be used in English or Bangla Language.

Download the App and Get Started

Download DataDash today in two easy steps

  • Using your android phone download DataDash app from Google Play Store
  • Using valid email address and phone number sign up and provide basic information
Browse through tasks and complete the task you pick
  • Browse through tasks by location or anywhere
  • Complete tasks as per instructions provided and submit
We will give you feedback in real time
  • Our task experts will audit your response in real time
Get paid for your task completed successfully
  • Earn money as soon as task is approved

Who are Dashers?

Download the app and become a Dasher from any part of the country

By providing basic and additional information, sign up with DataDash to become a Dasher. Dashers independently complete tasks using the app, at their own convenience.

Dashers complete tasks

Tasks include visiting pre-specified locations to conduct surveys, capture experience, and/or report events or situations. Some tasks can be completed within a few minutes without even stepping a foot outside your home.

Dashers rank higher with successful task completion

Dashers are rewarded with points for completing tasks. The more points earned the higher the Dasher’s ranking. High rank ensures earning more money than an average Dasher.

 Dashers earn money completing jobs

Dashers  earn coins for completing jobs. Coins are used to cash out in the Marketplace. Dashers have the option of using BKash, Mobile recharge, and Coupon offerings from major retailers to cash out

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