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Clementine Data is a data solution company that partners with businesses to help solve business problems, enabling in better, smarter and faster decisions.
We specialize in Data & Image Analytics along with providing Business Process Outsourcing services to our clients. We were founded with our clients in mind – and our goal is to provide you with the right solution to
support your business and solve your business needs.

We support all industries, and our current clients include:

  • Financials & Banking

  • Consulting

  • Retail

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Public Sector



Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We connect various sources of internal and external data to solve business problems. We handle a large volume of customer data to serve them in a simple intuitive interface. We provide Financial and statistically modeling services, besides Data Consolidation and Integration, BI Reporting, historical and ad-hoc Data analytics, and other deep analytics.

Image Analytics

Image Analytics

We provide Image analysis through our proprietary solution enabling to transform a large volume of images into meaningful information for clients. We analyze and code images from internal or external sources to help identify outages in your retail environment. We provide support in sourcing images via leading industry partners and evaluate the retail health of your products by identifying trackable KPI and measuring them over time.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

We support various aspects of Business Process Outsourcing services; we provide back-office support on all aspects of analytics and data management along withExcel based analytics, Charting and Coding. creating presentations and providing editing services. Our other BPO services include Image, Audio or Video transcription, simple Document Archiving and Coding.


Clementine Solutions is a technology start up based in Bangladesh. Currently we have 2 offices in New York and Dhaka. We provide a wide variety of technical solutions that help clients solve their problems. At our heart, we specialize in three areas

1. Data Analytics 2. Image Analytics and 3. Business Process Outsourcing

Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is rapidly becoming one of the hotbeds for IT outsourcing. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Bangladesh IT sector is booming and is currently ranked by AT Kearney as one of the Top 20 countries in the world for Outsourcing Services.

The current talent pool in Bangladesh is also world class, with a curriculum in the local academic institutions at part with leading institutions in Asia. The wage index for Bangladesh also remains much more competitive than India and China. This provides Clementine Data with a unique opportunity to leverage the outstanding talent pool at a competitive cost – which we utilize to help our international clients.


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Clementine Data Solutions Ltd

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Phone: +880 1534524651, (920)306 4342

Email: info@clementinedatabd.com
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